Dear Dad

Today, the shocking news of Kobe Bryant’s death shattered the otherwise peaceful and sleepy Sunday into a whirlwind of chaos and tears.

While my interest consist of various other athletic teams and athletes, I cannot deny the greatness of Kobe. He is a legend and a superhero to many.

Regardless of his past, sexual accusations, and a partially tarnished reputation as a figure; as an athlete, he is a God amongst Gods.

After hearing the news and scrolling media, I find myself concerned with one particular piece of thr entire story… his daughter Gigi.

Gigi was a beautiful 13 year old girl following in her fathers athletic greatness. The bond between Kobe and his children seems undeniably real and authentic.

While Kobe may have been a God on the court, he was surely something more in the eyes of his 4 daughters.

So here we have a glowing ans proud 41 year old father and an inspired awe struck, 13 year old daughter. Together they boarded their helicopter, and together they succumbed.

I can’t help be feel desperate for details of what transpired between father and daughter in the moments before their death.

Did he hold her? Did he tell her he loved her? Did he feel utter regret at not being able to protect his prized possession?

My own father has 8 biological children. All of whom love and adore him. He’s a hard man with minimal expressed emotion. He contains deep love nonetheless.

As of today, my father has successfully coached me, protected me and saved me from many of life’s hardships. It seems impossible there will be a day, where I get the honor to care for him the way he has cared for me in my 30 years of life. With recent years, I find myself more and more ready.

Honored does not give justice to the notion of caring for my parents in the way they have cared and adored me. Giving me all they could and all they had. For this I will repay them greatly.

I find myself reflecting, as he changed my diaper, was he frustrated with disgust and exhaustion? Was he madly in love with my every squirm and mispronunciation of “library”?

I’d like to think if I were Gigi, if my father were Kobe, we would both find solace in being together as our time came to an end. And I would hope that my family would also find some comfort in our united ending.

To my father, whether the day comes in which I am called to the other side, I will know I don’t die alone.

If you are alive, I know your love will console me in my ending. Knowing you have loved me for the years I have made the most regrettable decisions and cost you your own hard earned money, you loved me every moment. Never with the expectation of anything in return. Flawed I was abd flawed you accepted me.

If you have already passed, I will find comfort in knowing I will walk into your protecting arms once again. All will be okay. Your warm and familiar embrace will cloak the anxiety and fear.

And for you Dad, when your time comes, I hope you too know that my love will follow through this lifetime and any beyond.

You have not only been a role model, but have always and will always be my hero.

To all the children and their fathers, may you forgive. May you live and love for today. May you find comfort in each others love. May you honor the sacred relationship of the person who brought you life, and the person you love unconditionally.

Your daughter,